HISTORY: The co-founders of Pangaea Auctions have developed a great passion for the arts and have combined this passion with our experience from the Technology sector to bring you Pangaea-Auctions.com.  We have been very fortunate to have careers that provided us the opportunity to travel the world and admire the variety of talented artists at hundreds of fine art exhibitions.  Without exception, every gallery owner told us that they were disappointed with the limited number of people that walk through their store front on a daily basis.  After extensive research we realized that there are limited avenues for major galleries to sell their most valuable works of art to a global market of serious buyers.  Therefore, we decided to do something about it by developing a FREE auction marketplace that is an extension of major galleries, auctioneers, and artists that participate as providers on our platform. We make it simple and secure to auction online.

FREE SERVICES: Each showroom display window can have unlimited works of art rotated through it at no extra cost at the discretion of the auction house.

SIMPLE AND SAFE TRANSACTIONS: We DO NOT allow credit card purchases due to the amount of fraud and charge backs that are unfortunately common with the purchasing of fine art.  All of our transactions are fulfilled with a secure bank wire executed through Transpact.com.  Providers are responsible for ALL of the Transpact.com escrow transactions fees.  A new buyer and new provider are required to set up a one time Transpact.com account prior to their first transaction.  When a buyer confirms a sale within their shopping cart, Transpact.com automatically creates a transaction number for the sale.  An email notification from Transpact.com is sent to the provider for sale acceptance confirmation.  As soon as the buyer bank wire funds are secured within the Transpact.com escrow account the buyer and provider information is shared so both parties can work out shipping details and shipping payment (see Shipping Responsibility).  Please review the Transpact.com escrow process within our FAQ's and view their website for a current escrow fee chart.
SHIPPING RESPONSIBILITY: Providers communicate the shipping responsibility within the profile of each item displayed on our fine arts marketplace.  Shipping is to be handled as a separate credit card transaction between the buyer and provider.  Our 1.3 million potential buyers are located around the world and makes it difficult for our providers to agree to pay for shipping prior to knowing the exact location of the buyer.  Typically the buyers pay for all shipping costs, and at the point of the sale, after the buyer has fulfilled the Transpact.com bank wire, the buyer and provider information is shared in order for the shipping terms to be fulfilled.  This allows flexibility in the event that either our buyer or provider prefer to use their own private shipping service.